Move Money Anywhere, Anytime.


With uTransfer, you can send or receive money online, anywhere at any time, using account-to-account (A2A) transfers or person-to-person (P2P) transfers. No need to hassle with carrying around checks or cash. All you need is an Xceed account and the other person's email address or mobile phone number. Nothing could be simpler, or safer.

Xceed's uTransfer ensures that your personal information is kept private and secure. Only you can see your account information. And, unlike cash, you can keep track of your uTransfer transactions through Xceed Online, just like online bill pay. 


To start the process, you'll need to register your accounts. There is typically a turnaround time of three to five days to transfer from your Xceed account to your accounts at other financial institutions. For P2P payments, the process could take longer depending on how quickly it takes the other person to respond to the verification request.

To ensure your identity and ownership of your accounts, a small trial deposit is made followed by a small trial withdrawal. The transaction is only a few pennies and the withdrawal is never larger than the deposit. These transactions are usually posted within two business days of uTransfer account registration. Once completed, you can return to the "manage accounts" page and click "activate" on "uTransfer." You will then be asked to verify the transaction amounts, and if the values match, your uTransfer account will be activated.

Transfer money online between your Xceed accounts and accounts at other financial institutions. To originate a funds transfer between your accounts, select the account you want to transfer money from (originating account) and select the account you want to send money to (destination account) from your approved account list. Then, select the amount you wish to transfer and schedule the transfer date to send the funds. uTransfer will send you a confirmation message and provide you with the status of the transfer.

With P2P transfers, you can send and receive money from your friends, family and co-workers. To start a P2P transfer, select the originating account and then choose the person to whom you want to send. It's that easy! You can identify the recipient by entering his or her name, email address, or mobile phone number. After selecting the recipient, transfer amount, and transfer date, the system will issue a confirmation message and give you the status of your transfer. The system will send an email or SMS message to the recipient, alerting them to the incoming money transfer and asking them to specify which account they want to use to receive the deposit.

Plus, your friends can also pay you with P2P. Just access Xceed Online, click the Transfers tab, click "uTransfer," select the amount you wish to receive, and choose the account and the person who will send you the payment (defined by name, email address, or mobile phone number). Then select the amount you wish to receive. The system will send an email or SMS message to the payer to inform them of the payment request.