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Get off the fence on Online Banking

So there you are on the beach enjoying the sun, and you remember your car payment. You forgot to pay it before leaving for vacation and it’s due in just a couple of days. If you aren’t set up with online banking, that’s a big fat YIKES…and one of the top reasons you really need to get off the fence and start banking online. With online banking, you could simply log in and make your car payment and get back to having fun, instead of spending the rest of your vacation worried about how that late payment might ding your credit score.

If the prospect of ruined vacations isn’t enough, here are some more great reasons you should give online banking a try.

It’ll Save You Time and Money

Anybody reading this have too much time, or too much money? Didn’t think so!

When you enroll with online banking, you can ditch teller lines, financial institution hours, and traffic, and instead do your banking from the comfort of your own home or office – anytime, and anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Because they’re so costly to produce and mail (and waste tons of paper), most financial institutions these days charge a fee to mail paper account statements. Online banking allows you to avoid those fees, along with the cost of stamps, paper checks, and trips to the post office.

Bonus Tip: If you need financial documentation for longer than your financial institution stores account information online (for tax purposes, for example), download the statements you need to your computer or a portable hard drive you can store somewhere safe.

It’s the Ultimate in Convenience and Control

Way back when, online banking was pretty much just paying bills online and checking balances. Those conveniences are still really popular – especially the ability to set up automatic payments, so you never have to worry about whether your car payment or mortgage get paid on time. But today’s online banking offers much more. Xceed Online Banking, for example, comes with FinanceWorks, a powerful tool for managing your entire financial life, and features like uTransfer, which allows you to send money by email or text.

And, if you’re concerned about information and account security, online banking is a must! A strong online banking system will allow you to set up account alerts. You can use these to remind you to pay certain bills or transfer cash, but also to alert you when transactions clear your account, if large transactions take place, or your balance falls below a certain amount – all of which could tip you off to possible problems long before you’d receive a paper statement.

Bonus Tip: When evaluating an online banking system, be sure to look for two-factor authentication – it may take a tiny bit longer to log-in, but it’s the gold standard for security and worth every second.


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