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Hit the Pause Button

Online shopping is fast, convenient, and cheap. It’s also an easy way to spend impulsively. That’s why I’ve instituted a two day waiting period for myself.

Whenever I want to shop for something online, I add it to my cart, and then I walk away for at least two days. Yep. Two days. If after two days I still want or need that item (and I’ve budgeted for it), I can click “buy.”

Often, the impulse I felt has passed, and I delete the item from my cart and move on with my life. When it’s still a must-have, I check my email for coupons the retailer has sent me—you’d be surprised how often this happens—and bargain hunt at similar sites. I’ve also signed up for instant rebates and price watchdog services to help me maximize my savings on each purchase.

By hitting “pause” on your online shopping, you can curb that spending habit, and save yourself from a houseful of items you don’t actually need!


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