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Make a Money Pie

Ready to re-examine your household budget? Try a money pie! While it’s not quite as exciting as an actual pie, it’s still a great way to think about your finances. Each category is like a slice of pie, including big, small, and in-between sized pieces.

When building your money pie, it’s important to think about your family’s income and all of your expenses, including housing, food, transportation, savings, debt, fun-money, and any charitable giving or donations that are important to you. You can picture each of your expenses as a slice of pie, with the entire pie as your monthly budget.

Start building your pie by determining how much money you bring in each month, and then confirm how much you spend each month. Your income is equal to 100% of your pie, and each category that you need to spend in will be less than 100%. For instance, if your housing cost takes up 50% of your income, the rest of the pie can’t add up to more than 50%.

Here’s an example of how your family’s pie might break down:


Now, everyone’s pie will be different depending on income, needs, and wants, but what’s important is that you always consider how much you have coming in, and don’t spend more than that. After all, you can’t have negative pie!


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