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By the Numbers Blog

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Make a Money Pie

Ready to re-examine your household budget? Try a money pie!

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Save for the Long Term

Share certificates (also known as certificates of deposit at banks) are a long-term savings tool. By agreeing to keep your money with a credit union or bank for a pre-determined length of time, you can earn higher returns than with a standard savings account.

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Check Your Numbers

Taxes may not be due until April 17 this year, but just in case you’re getting a jump start on yours, we wanted to share tips that could help you receive your refund faster when you choose to have it direct deposited!

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Shop Like a Pro

Even the most experienced car buyer can get caught up in the process and miss a step. So for anyone who’s considering a new car—whether they’re familiar with the process or not—we’ve put together a list of steps!

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Save with a Purpose

Deciding to beef up your savings is a great decision, but without a clear goal, it can be difficult to actually get motivated to take action.

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Relieve the Holiday Hangover

Suffering from a holiday (spending) hangover? Now that you know you’re in good company, it’s time to deal with that hangover, and get your finances back in order.

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Quarterly Xchange: January – March

Check out the new edition of the Quarterly Xchange to learn about the latest and greatest at Xceed!

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Taking Charge of Your Financial Future

With the New Year often comes new resolutions to be better – healthier, kinder, or maybe a more engaged friend or coworker. And likely, more than once you’ve made a resolution to be better with your finances.

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Rethink Gift Giving

Holiday sales have already begun, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush to the store to buy the latest gadgets or fashion items for your loved ones. Instead, make a list of everyone you’d like to provide a gift for, and then spend some time considering what type of gift would be both personal and thoughtful.

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