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Our interactive webinars can help you learn to save more, spend smarter, and invest in your future. Visit this page for information about upcoming webinars, or watch one of our recorded webinars to brush up on your financial knowledge!

Building a Better Budget

You don’t have to be pulling down a huge salary to achieve your financial goals! Watch this webinar and find out how to better manage your money and dial down your financial stress. You’ll learn to:

  • Identify short-, mid-, and long-term goals
  • Design a realistic spending plan to live within your means
  • Create a savings plan to reach your goals
  • Get out of debt and stay debt-free



Please remember that the materials presented in the webinar recording are for informational purposes only. They should not be construed as an exhaustive analysis of the topic. Any specific actions should be taken with consideration of the current state and federal law, the specific circumstances of each individual case and when necessary on the advice of your credit unions own legal counsel. The materials presented are copy written materials and any form of reproduction without the written consent of Xceed Financial Credit Union is strictly prohibited.