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FAQs about Xceed Online Changes

Questions about the Xceed Online upgrade? You’ll likely find the answer below!

Read these FAQs carefully. Also, call us, visit a Financial Center, or send us a secure message while you’re logged into Xceed Online to confirm that we have your current name, address, phone number, and email address on file. We don’t want you to miss information, reminders, or notifications that we’ll be sending by email prior to September 19. It’s also important that we have a tax ID number (SSN) on file, as well as date of birth so that you can continue to use Bill Pay (if you’re eligible).

The upgrade offers similar functionality, and makes it all quicker and easier to use. Plus it offers lots of exciting new tools and helpful new features for managing your money, like:

  • Improved navigation and functionality on the home screen
  • Customizable views so you can prioritize what you want to see
  • Easier transfer setup and notifications
  • Use Popmoney to send and receive money, and include a customizable message
  • Add external accounts more easily
  • Ability to make multiple transfers from a single screen
  • Save a template to easily set up immediate and scheduled transfers
  • Check withdrawal feature—have a check mailed to you at the primary address on file
  • Ability to view current rates so you can make changes when your money could be working harder
  • Ability to easily set up your own cross-member transfers
  • And much, much more!

It’s easy! As an existing user, the first time you log in to the new system:

  • You’ll use your current (as of September 17, 2018 at 8 a.m. PT) User ID for Xceed Online. It’s important to navigate to Xceed Online from xfcu.org, rather than by using existing bookmarks or favorites in your web browser. The next screen will prompt you to validate your personal information, including your last name, SSN, and date of birth (so we can confirm it’s really you).
  • For this first login, and any time you log in from an unfamiliar device, there will be one extra step of security – a text or phone call with a special code, or a few questions only you will know the answers to. Once you’ve completed this step, there’s just one more thing to do. Note: You may occasionally be asked to complete this step on a registered device for additional security.
  • Next you’ll create a new password for Xceed Online.
  • You’ll be asked to accept the new Terms and Conditions (we reminded you about these via email), and then you’re ready to log in!
  • If you’re a first-time user, you’ll go through a few extra registration steps so we can help maintain your security.

Starting September 19, only members with an Xceed Checking account are eligible for Bill Pay. However, with our three great checking accounts, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs!

You bet! All of that information will be saved and transferred over to the new Xceed Online. While the transition is taking place, however, members will not have access to Bill Pay from September 17 – 19, so they should be sure that any bill payments (including Xceed credit card payments) they need processed in during that time are scheduled no later 8 a.m. PT on September 17. New Bill Pay users will need to register by September 10 or after September 19. Also, once we make the transition, your payments will be debited on the scheduled delivery date from your account, and automatic payments scheduled for a weekend or holiday will be completed the business day prior to the weekend or holiday, so be sure you’ve always got enough in your account to cover them!

You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. That includes both large and small companies, as well as individuals such as child care providers or family members. When you use Bill Pay, Xceed sends the payment electronically if possible. If the company or person you want to pay is not set-up to receive electronic payments, then we print a check and send it to them by mail using the address you provide when you add that company or person as a payee.

You cannot use Bill Pay to pay a company or person with an address outside the United States or its territories. You also cannot use it for any illegal activity or transaction, or for any type of gambling – that would include, for example, any sort of betting or purchasing things like lottery tickets or casino gaming chips. Bill Pay also cannot be used for paying your federal and state taxes.

The screens for making mortgage payments will look slightly different, but don’t worry – they’re still very easy to use! When you log in to Xceed Online, you’ll click on “Mortgage Loan” from the Home page, and then hover over “Make a Payment” in the header bar. Next, click “Make a Payment” and follow the easy steps to set up a one-time or automatic payment from within the mortgage payment screen.

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