Avoiding Foreclosure

Take Advantage of Your Options.

If you find yourself unable to manage your home loan payments, contact your primary mortgage lender right away. The sooner your lender knows about your situation the better chance you have of working out a solution. Waiting to find assistance will put you further behind in your payments and increase your chances of losing your home.

Xceed Financial Credit Union wants to help you keep your home and avoid foreclosure whenever possible. If Xceed Financial Credit Union is your primary mortgage lender and you need help, please call us right away at 800.993.9328, extension 74354, and request a Workout Loan. You may request Xceed Financial Credit Union to consider options to defer payment(s) or modify loan terms on your home loan. We will schedule you to meet with an Xceed Financial Credit Union Counselor within 14 days, either by phone or in person. Learn more about your options and how we can assist you with a Workout Loan.

Counseling services are available for Xceed Financial Credit Union members who need assistance in requesting a Workout Loan. Call us at 800.993.9328, extension 74354, for more information.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers counseling to homeowners whose mortgage loans have become delinquent. This counseling could help you avoid foreclosure, and you are urged to seek it. To find a homeownership counseling agency near you, please call 800.569.4287 or TTY 800.877.8339. See the Department of Housing and Urban Development for a more complete list of Community Counseling Agencies.