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Maximize Your Rewards

Sure, you’ve heard all about rewards credit cards – there’s cashback rewards, travel miles rewards, and hotel points rewards. Heck, it seems like you can rack up rewards towards just about anything these days (hint: with Xceed, you can). But do you really understand how rewards work, and more importantly, how you can get them to work for you? Let’s make sure!

What is a “rewards” credit card?

Simply put, it’s a credit card that incentivizes you to pick it over the other plastic in your wallet by giving you some sort of bonus—often called a “point”—that you can add up and trade in for something from the card issuer or one of their partners.

What can I redeem rewards for?

Really, these days you can exchange your points for just about anything – although this does depend on which card you choose. Some cards are tied specifically to only one type of reward, like travel points.

However, if you pick a card with flexible redemption options, like Xceed’s, you’ll find that you can trade in your points for more than just travel, like a statement credit (AKA cashback), events, wearable tech, jewelry, and much more!

Does Xceed have a rewards card?

You bet we do! Xceed’s Platinum Visa® Rewards Credit Card has the best of all worlds when it comes to getting the most from your points, and you can redeem your points for anything in our Rewards Catalog, rather than being tied to only travel or cashback.

Last year, our members redeemed almost 10 million points for gift cards, cash back, travel, merchandise and electronics, and tickets to concerts, sports events, and more!

Where can I sign up?

To enjoy the Xceed card and all of our rewards, you can sign up today at

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