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Be Aware of Scams and Fraud

Be Aware of this Amazon Scam

In recent weeks, consumers have received calls from a fraudster alleging to be reaching out from Amazon, asking if they recently made a large purchase. Once the consumer confirms that they did not make the large purchase in question, the consumer is then told they are being connected to a “fraud specialist” at their financial institution, at which point the fraudster proceeds to impersonate an associate at their financial institution. The member is then advised by the phony “fraud specialist” to wire or withdraw their funds for safekeeping.

This is a scam and not authorized by Xceed Financial Credit Union. If you receive a call or other form of contact alleging to be an Xceed “fraud specialist,” head the following warnings:

  • Do not agree to wire or withdraw funds to anyone contacting you alleging to be an Xceed “fraud specialist” or Xceed associate.
  • If instructed to visit an Xceed Financial Center in person to wire or withdraw funds, do not do so.
  • Do not provide the fraudster with your account number or other private/sensitive information.

If you suspect fraud or have questions, please contact Xceed at 800.XFCU.222 (800.932.8222). Your security is of the utmost importance to us and we will be more than happy to assist.

How to Spot Romance Scams

It is important to be able to identify romance scammers in the world of online dating. Romance scammers usually lure in victims with fake online dating or social media profiles, using photos from the internet to create realistic personas. Most often, they ask for money from their victims under false pretenses.

After establishing your trust, a romance scammer might make up a story about why they need financial assistance (medical emergency, travel costs, sudden misfortune) and ask you to wire them money or send them reloadable cards or gift cards, as these transactions cannot easily be reversed and do not reveal their true identity. They may also ask for your online banking credentials, falsely claiming they need to “deposit a check,” only to then transfer funds out of your account.

To spot and stop romance scams, consider the following:

  • Immediately halt communication with someone if you suspect they are a romance scammer.
  • Seek advice from close family or friends about this possible love interest. If possible, research the identity of the person you have been talking to online.
  • Do not send money via wire, reloadable card, gift card, or otherwise to a person you have met online but not in person.
  • Never provide a person you are connecting with over a dating app, social media, or online with your online banking login information. This information should not be shared with others.

Notify Xceed immediately at 800.XFCU.222 (800.932.8222) if you suspect a romance scammer has your account information or has committed fraud.

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